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N°2 Mushroom Identification Deck 2: The Deadlies

N°2 Mushroom Identification Deck 2: The Deadlies

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To me, mushrooms are like art wrapped in science...that you can eat. Beauty, knowledge, and food emboided in one little package. What could be better? But then, there are the poisonous ones. The mushrooms that make you a little sick or very sick. And then, there are the ones that can kill you. Knowing the di erence between those that you can eat and those that can kill you, is the raison d’être of this collection.

Each Card in this deck represents a deadly poisonous mushroom. And when we say deadly, this is meant literally. Each one of these 32 mushrooms has been associated with the documented death of at least one person, in some part of the world. One of the mushrooms, the Amanita phalloides, is responsable for a majority of these deaths.

A new method of identification Deck 2: The Deadlies is the second in a series of four. The method moves away from using the image of the mushroom. Instead, this tool encourages the user to explore the mushroom through its less obvious characteristics, and in so doing, helps the user "see" the mushroom in a different more profound light.

This collection can be used on its own, but has been designed to be used alongside Deck 1: The Edibles and/or The Twins booklet. The deadly poisonous mushrooms represented here, are often mistaken for edible mushrooms. The Twins booklet explains in detail the differences between these deadly mushrooms and some of their edible lookalikes. The cards are numbered from 1 to 32. Each card has an image of the mushroom on one side, and information on the other.

Illustrations by Riona O'Regan


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