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N°1 Mushroom Identification Deck 1: The Edibles

N°1 Mushroom Identification Deck 1: The Edibles

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There are so many field guides on fungi identification. How about a new approach?

Make mushroom identification faster and simpler with this collection which clearly and simply illustrates the differences between similar species, and helps make you a more confident forager, all in a compact, easy to use format.

Understanding what differentiates an edible mushroom from a toxic lookalike is key. You do not have to be a scientist, but you do have to take a scientific approach. These cards are a new tool for identifying some of the most common edible mushrooms in Europe, the US and Canada. It has been designed to be used by pretty much everyone, from the rst time forager, to the seasoned mycologist —and everyone in between.

Illustrations by Samuel Arnold

A black or forest green 100% cotton tote can be ordered separately.



These cards are a new tool for identifying some of the most common edible mushrooms in Europe, the US and Canada, using a step by step process of elimination. The cards are numbered from 1 to 49, with white or beige caps first, then gray to smoky, brownish and finally the more colourful ones. Each card has an image of the mushroom on one side, and information on the other.

You are going to use the side of the card with the informa- tion on it first. You are not going to turn the card over to look at the image until the process of elimination has run its course. NO PEEKING! Begin with Step 1 which is the CAP COLOUR. You will see there are 4 icons on the left side of the card that represent the cap colour: white or beige, gray, brown or a different colour. Remove from the deck any card that does NOT have the icon circled that corresponds to the cap colour of your mushroom. If you are unsure, leave the card in the deck. After Step 1, you should have eliminated about half the cards.

Continue through the first 11 Steps. You should have one or no cards left in your hand. Now turn the card over. Does your mushroom look similar to the drawing? It does? Now, verify that your mushroom has all the other characteristics (12-19). If so, it is likely that you have identified the mushroom.*

Now, eliminate any possible lookalike using The Twins booklet.


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